So to start hardening baby complete a year?

ChildWhat if the newborn is already more than a year, and you still have not quenched it? Start hardening at a age. To do how is suitable, for example, a douche. 1-st you put the newborn or, good, have with it themselves under the heartwarming aqua, warming up properly. If a child requires hot water - let it be hot. Initially, warmth the baby feet, hand and back. In the 1-st place - a back collar area. Читать полностью -->

Newborn. I go

BabyLift the baby's armpits (feet want alone touch a surface.) Then tilt it slightly forward fidget make a few steps. About pawed a ground, as if going up the stairs. A reaction is maintained until 98 weeks. Crossing the legs or the lack of an automatic reflex walk talk size a problems in the lumbar spine.  Photo 109 automatism Robinson  Newborn. Resembling posts:Newborn attention. A newborn 11 monthsBabyFood allergies in kidsNewbornHair loss following giving birthNewborn. Читать полностью -->

Attention of a baby. Monitoring a reaction

ChildOnce a child was vaccinated, watch closely for his heartiness. A reaction to a vaccine (drowsiness, malaise, mild fever) - a common phenomenon. But serious complications are rare. In the case, you get to be ready for it. Even if a baby had a ordinary reaction to the 1-st shot, it does not mean that he will bring a like and following vaccination.Following a injection sit for half an hour at the clinic. But at home a any times remeasure the newborn temperature. Читать полностью -->

How to start hardening newborn complete the year?

BabyWhat if the newborn is already more than a year, and you still possess not quenched it? Get hardening at any age. To do how is suitable, for example, a douche. 1-st you put the baby or, correct, have with it himself under the hot water, warming up meticulously. If a child requires hot water - let it be hot. Initially, warmth a newborn feet, hands and back. In a first put - the back collar area. Читать полностью -->

Moms. Regimen mom when the baby has allergies

ChildA moms and dads who himself suffer allergies, primarily concerned with the matter that you require to pick up to prevent a newborn atopic dermatitis. Since allergy is a aging body's response to an external stimulus in a shape of some baby of allergen, the expectant mom want do anything to prevent allergens from entering a body of a unborn baby. Why, during childbearing, she just should to observe a hypoallergenic dietary. And we need continue to do however following the birth of a newborn, if she is to breastfeed.Hypoallergenic diet - it's just strongly. Just because it has long been a list of foods that most commonly cause averse reactions. For example, the mom should eliminate with the diet all red and orange, canned foods, strong bisque, chocolate, citrus fresh fruits.A hard - because in addition to a generally recognized products any person has your own specific products - stimuli. Читать полностью -->

What to do in the steam apartment and following it?

BabyIf you decide to go to the steam room of the Russian bath, prepare in progress 2 or 3 basin of cold aqua. Put yourself on a head and thick woolen beanie child and enter it into a steam rooms. The baby should be dry. It is consummate to create it when there are some people, because a hue and cry at all bad for a children. With a 1-st time it is not indispensable to have on a shelves. And in main, do not keep it up by force. Читать полностью -->

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