Attention of a baby. Monitoring a reaction

ChildOnce a child was vaccinated, watch closely for his heartiness. A reaction to a vaccine (drowsiness, malaise, mild fever) - a common phenomenon. But serious complications are rare. In the case, you get to be ready for it. Even if a baby had a ordinary reaction to the 1-st shot, it does not mean that he will bring a like and following vaccination.Following a injection sit for half an hour at the clinic. But at home a any times remeasure the newborn temperature. If it goes up, give antipyretic (syrup or candles) and ofttimes suggest drinking warm milk or apples compote. Experts advise to bring down the temperature of vaccination is at 37.5 C. In some cases, it may rise very speedily. Be sure to tell a physician who administered vaccine, about the heartiness of a baby.At the injection site usually there is a little seal and redness. This is ordinary, however do not worry. Just do not forget that a face in this area may not be wet and comb. After a any days everything has to go done.  Similar Child care.articles:Maintenance of a newborn. Vitamins for babiesBabyAttention of a baby. Analysis of warm milkNewbornLeaving of a child. Massotherapy infantNewborn.

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