Baby care. Foot Massotherapy

NewbornPick up the left mitt left foot baby in the leg. A index and middle hands of the rightly hand, put the back of a foot, making a support. Thumb of the right mitt start to rub soles - from heels to the hands and back. Several times, draw on the sole of eight, seven.Click on a middle of a foot under the fingers - fingers will flex, without skin lifting a finger, swipe on a outer edge of a foot to a heel and press a middle of the heel - fingers unbent. This kind of exercises for hands.Rub a outside edge of a foot, knead (draw a spiral) there, then do a same on the inner edge of a foot. Knead every finger. Knead and rub the arch of the foot and Achilles tendon. Be sure to light tap on a foot of a desk - it leads to a decrease in tone in the leg. Next, go to massage the entire limb.    Similar posts:Newborn attention. Massage for infantsBabyBaby care. Analysis of fresh milkNewbornCare of a child. Teething in babiesBaby.

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