Newborn maintenance. Enter a lure

ChildFor starters propose little gourmet 0.5 a teaspoonful of a new dish to a main meal. It is advisable to do it in the first. Then, immediately, supplementary feeding baby breast natural milk or formula. The future day, It is possible to already give a whole spoonful. The chief thing is to monitor a overall condition of a baby.Redness, skin rash, and abdominal pain - warning signs. Immediately eliminate this item with a food, and for at least three days in general refuse with the introduction of something new. Getting went rightly? Gradually increase a dose. A week later, boldly enter any product.With a moment you completely change a lure of one meal, start to give your child h2o or milk. Offer a drink after a meal or 'tween meals. However for a newborn-bottle-child, he has long been familiar with the aqua. In this case, guided by his will.Almost immediately after the introduction of a new item you will notice a change in a newborn's stool, it will enjoy bad breath. Do not worry: it's OK. It is simply one of a stages of physiological evolution.Rules of ConductDo not expect a newborn that he will obediently sit at a desk and gently wield a spoonful. Even if you wear a bib to it, it yet has dirty. And yet, without a doubt, hand touch a meal, smear it on a desk or on the knees. With a spoon, too, are coming experiments: a newborn will most likely want to pinch his teeth, tapping a plate.Kindly, the child is not immediately will begin to apply a spoon. But the sooner you give it to the kid, the more he learns size this. In this case, feed him another spoon. A most comfortable and safe of plastic material cutlery. You - with a polish handle of a child - with a curved.A little later, enjoy a newborn and fork. Believe me, never too early to beginning her master. But if the instrument is properly used and adults themselves.  Similar Newborn.articles:Child. Can a nursing mom ice fluidBabyNewborn maintenance. Increase lactationChildMothers. Massage for babiesChild.

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