Be careful with winter swimming and "nronyrivaniem"!

BabySimilar reactions in children occasionally when I watched the winter swimming and is particularly common in the however-called "pronyrivanii." These reactions were expressed in the fact that the children were either much restless (screaming time and night), or, conversely, were passive (bad or weak contact with others). Specifically struck by the state of your digestive system. Apparently, stress is primarily decreased production of enzymes which due to a following symptoms: abdominal distension, bowel dysfunction (diarrhea or constipation), how a consequence - poor mass gain. Thus, there has been a simultaneous damage to the nervous and digestive systems. I may not say that such violations are found in all babies affected by winter swimming and "pronyrivaniyu" but among my patients such facts can not stop my striving.Immunological laboratory of a Moscow Institute of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery under the direction of Dr. D. Stephanie began to cooperate with the group's position on the club system "Healthy Family" and practice winter swimming infants. The laboratory staff examined some children and found that some of them are immune indices deteriorated. Apparently, winter swimming was for these babies a powerful stress factor. Unfortunately, it was not possible to find out exactly which features children predetermined deterioration. Later receiving the effect of a 1st group stopped cooperation with the laboratory.Child care. Resembling Newborn attention.articles:Child care. A baby cries and criesChildUpkeep of a child. ChickenpoxBabyMassage for infantsChild.

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