Baby leaving. No candy?

NewbornIt's no secret so much babies same to eat sweet. How around that?If a baby at least once strive a slice of patty or chocolate, so it will want such a treat again and again. About moms and dads turn a blind eye and, waving, saying, "Nothing! Who so a newborn did not eat sweets? "Meanwhile, a harm of such a huge bias, and do not you forget some it.There is an opinion - not to give babies sweets to 3 years, and after 3 years limited. This is more true, because a premature baby sugar consumption leads to such consequences as:A progress of food allergies;Overweight kid;The evolution of diabetes;With variable symptoms of the disease (intolerance to a particular type of sugar);Lactase deficiency (intolerance to natural milk sugar);Intolerance to sucrose (for lack of a specific intestinal enzyme);Galactosemia (intolerance to lactose and galactose);Disorders of a gastrointestinal tract;Caries.The increase in the volume of cane sugar consumed dulls the tasting for sweets, and a kid is not satisfied with a smaller quantity of it. There is a child of "vicious circle".  Resembling Mothers.articles:Baby. Breast-feedingChildBreastfeedingBabyNewborn upkeep. Thin hair loss later giving birthdayChild.

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