What to do in the steam apartment and of the it?

BabyIf you resolve to go to a steam room of a Russian bath, prepare in advance two or 3 basin of coldness aqua. Put yourself on a head and thick woolen beanie child and enter it into the steam rooms. A child must be dry. It is good to make it when there are any men, because a hue and cry at all bad for the infants. With the first time it is not necessary to have on the shelves. And in chief, do not keep it up by force. Maybe following a few minutes he will rise higher. If you enjoy chest child, do not rush: with his cry of fright or immediately leave the steam room. Coming out, you should immediately and pour over the baby and herself with cold aqua from cooked basins. So wrap it in a sheet and rest. Give him a drink: a decoction of rose hips, juice, aqua with berries, etc. The procedure was repeated 3 times. Only so may wash a baby.Visit the baths should be a joy for a child. During the stay more communicate with him. Do not force it to go to the steam rooms by force, do not scare him - alone so you will reach a effect of this proceedings.Child. Like posts:Baby. Child 1 monthChildBaby. Dining nursing motherNewbornService of a child. Rickets and Vitamin DNewborn.

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