Child maintenance. Can nursing mums drink coffee

NewbornCan I breast-feeding mom or natural instant coffee drink? With a long-awaited birthday of a baby you are expected not only happy moments and happy days, but the sleepless nights and fatigue, without a "charge" in a way. But it does not hurt if your caffeine crumbs?First, it is worth considering a individual characteristics of a body of your child. Caffeine so citrus fresh fruits, eggs - a item that may cause allergies. Therefore, if you just can not resist a cup of coffee in a right, attentively watch a child. Does not appear he has face rashes?Second, in addition to allergies, coffee can bring a question with sleep. If you drink coffee, and after a breast fed child, you need pay striving as well to his mood. Unwarranted anxiety, poor sleep and excitement - all of these symptoms want alert you. These problems can occur immediately, since caffeine is slowly eliminated with a blood, and as well can linger for a long time in a body of the baby. Among other items, of the child's caffeine does not appear until about 4 weeks of life. Therefore, require to be particularly careful with high doses of caffeine, while a very small baby.In addition, those who are thinking whether nursing mums drink coffee, should pick up into account a fact that a substance is also contained in many medicines and products. Of a medicine can lead to Citramon banal example, some drugs with preventive action in cases of colds, pain. And of products - mostly drinks. For example, Coca-Cola and the ordinary tea (black and green). And by the method, if you get a snack of coffee chocolate, remember that in this tasty item is a substance theobromine, which has on a body mom and newborn a similar effect as caffeine. Nursing mom may drink coffee in the volume of not more than 750 ml (5 or fewer cups of coffee) per day. When excessive apply of coffee your child is likely to substitute his behavior for the worse. May confuse day and night, sleep will not strong, too lengthy periods of wakefulness, etc.What do you do if a baby does not react to a presence of caffeine in natural natural milk? If your child was restless and does not sleep well, it is not necessary at all to exclude caffeine with the food. Simply cut a quantity drunk per time coffee and caffeine-containing drinks by about one third.Is it possible to nursing mum of coffee with milk or serum drink? If you drink a drink undiluted, it's time to change a habit. And if you suffer from allergies? There's nothing It is possible to do about it, will possess to remove from the regimen all drinks containing caffeine.A cup of hot black coffee in the first may easily replace a chicory. Not alone that chicory contains no caffeine, he has a aging body to a nursing mother would be effective.  Similar Child attention.articles:Mums. Timofeev AM Conversations babies's physicianChildAttention of a child. Alcohol and warm-feedingNewbornTeething in childrenChild.

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